about materials

about materials

Our products are made by experienced riders for horse and rider

We have years of professional expertise in fabrics and their special properties. That's a huge advantage for your horse and you.

We would like to tell you a bit about this specialist knowledge and help you to decide on the choice of inner material and material directly on the horse's leg.

Since we have been training as dressage riders since childhood, and have owned our own horses for many years, we have learned one thing very special ..... Quality, functionality and longevity play a very important role in equestrian sports in particular.

We have set that as a priority for us in the manufacture of our products.

We have thought of you and the needs of your horse to meet and therefore offer you various materials on the horse leg and also different fillings to choose from.

Our taping documents outside:

We use only a special and very high quality cotton which is extremely durable, very durable. Here we focus on very special cotton materials that also meet the requirements to be always in use and the laundry, yet not to lose quality.

On the horse leg:


Our recommended inner material for your horse and horse leg. Terry a loop fabric made of 100% cotton that is made with special twists. Due to the different, twisted yarn lengths creates an exceptionally high absorbency. This method of loop fabric for the production of terry cloth forms an extremely breathable material which also fits very well to the horse's leg. It keeps the horse's leg dry and easily transports moisture away from the leg. Terry a breathable material, does not heat the horse's leg in addition, has a high fast-drying property.

® Coolmax ® Pique

Also our recommended inner material on the horse leg. A Special sport polyester with extremely attractive properties. The fiber transports moisture quickly outwards, keeping the horse's leg dry and cool. In winter, this fabric has the property of insulating the heat.

Our fillings:

We only use special open-pore foam materials as fillings which can be bandaged without wrinkles. Adapt optimally to the horse's leg, regulate the climate and re-form after wearing.

They are all breathable and quick-drying.

As standard we use our air circulation foam "light"

our extras:

Optionally, you can also select further fillings in the taping documents via the tab - Fillings -:

- Air circulation Foam "Medium" If you love a little more filling, your horse may have small overbites.

- Perfect Anatomic Foam "Big" Our thick filling that you should definitely choose with over-legs.

- Ceramicwell our special filling with ceramic and infrared fibers. Wellness for the horse's leg, stimulates the blood circulation, stores the own body heat.

Our products are made in-house with materials, carefully handcrafted - Made in Germany.

Are all washable at 30 ° C. A precise washing instructions we attach to our articles.